List all locations

GET /v1/locations

Returns a list of SpeedVitals supported locations


  • 200

    Successful response.

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    • data array[object]

      An array of location objects

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      • id string

        Values are us, ca, br, de, uk, nl, pl, ch, jp, in, sg, au, id, kr, or tw.

      • name string
      • region string

        Values are America, Europe, or Asia Pacific.

GET /v1/locations
curl \
Response examples (200)
  "data": [
      "id": "us",
      "name": "United States",
      "full_name": "South Carolina, US",
      "region": "America"
      "id": "de",
      "name": "Germany",
      "full_name": "Frankfurt, Germany",
      "region": "Europe"