Retrieve a lighthouse report

GET /v1/lighthouse-tests/{id}

Retrieves the report of lighthouse test. Supply the unique test ID from either a lighthouse test creation request or the lighthouse tests list, and SpeedVitals will return the corresponding test information.

Path parameters

  • id string Required


  • 200 object

    Successful response.

    • id string
    • url string Required
    • device string Required

      Values are mobile, desktop, macbookAirM1, highEndLaptop, ipad102, galaxyTabS7, iphone13ProMax, iphone11, galaxyS10Plus, redmiNote8Pro, iphone7, galaxyA50, galaxyJ8, motoG5, or redmi5A.

    • location string Required

      Values are us, ca, br, de, uk, nl, pl, ch, jp, in, sg, au, id, kr, or tw.

    • config object
      • connection string | null

        Connection Type

        Maximum length is 5000. Values are fiber, cable, dsl, 5g, wifi_fast, wifi, 4g_fast, 4g, 3g_fast, 3g, 3g_slow, 2g_edge, or 2g.

      • throttling_method string | null

        Choose between simulated throttling and applied throttling

        Maximum length is 5000. Default value is simulated.

      • http_version string | null

        Force HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2(default)

        Maximum length is 5000. Default value is 2.

      • video boolean | null

        Enable page load video

        Maximum length is 5000. Default value is false.

      • adblock boolean | null

        Enable Adblock

        Default value is false.

      • user_agent string | null

        Run test with custom user agent

        Maximum length is 5000.

      • auth_username string | null

        Username for authentication

        Maximum length is 5000.

      • auth_password string | null

        Password for authentication

        Maximum length is 5000.

      • cookies array[string] | null

        List of session cookies

      • whitelist array[string] | null

        List of whitelisted urls(Max 5)

      • blacklist array[string] | null

        List of blacklisted urls(Max 10)

    • status string Required

      Values are idle, active, success, or failed.

    • lighthouse_version string Required

      The version of the lighthouse used to generate the report

    • metrics object | null
    • report_url string | null

      The URL at which SpeedVitals report is accessible (Present when status is success)

    • Time at which the test was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.

    • Time at which the report will expire. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.

    • error object | null

      Contains error code and description(present only if status is failed)

      • code string

        Error code specific to lighthouse error

      • message string

        Error message describing the summary of lighthouse error

  • 404

    Resource Not Found

GET /v1/lighthouse-tests/{id}
curl \
 -X GET \
Response example (200)
  "value": {
    "id": "lt_LthsZedDcOUfYFHxN",
    "url": "",
    "device": "macbookAirM1",
    "location": "us",
    "config": {
      "http_version": 2,
      "video": true,
      "adblock": true
    "status": "idle",
    "lighthouse_version": "9.6.2",
    "metrics": {
      "cumulative_layout_shift": 0.0,
      "first_contentful_paint": 515,
      "first_meaningful_paint": 566,
      "time_to_interactive": 725,
      "largest_contentful_paint": 515,
      "server_response_time": 21,
      "speed_index": 1123,
      "total_blocking_time": 69,
      "performance_score": 99
    "report_url": "",
    "created_at": 1657537268453,
    "expires_at": 1660129268453,
    "error": null