List all devices

GET /v1/devices

Returns a list of SpeedVitals supported devices


  • 200

    Successful response.

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    • data array[object]

      An array of device objects

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      • id string

        Values are mobile, desktop, macbookAirM1, highEndLaptop, ipad102, galaxyTabS7, iphone13ProMax, iphone11, galaxyS10Plus, redmiNote8Pro, iphone7, galaxyA50, galaxyJ8, motoG5, or redmi5A.

      • name string
      • category string

        Values are mobile, desktop, or tablet.

GET /v1/devices
curl \
Response examples (200)
  "data": [
      "id": "macbookAirM1",
      "name": "MacBook Air (2020)",
      "category": "desktop"
      "id": "iphone13ProMax",
      "name": "iPhone 13 Pro Max",
      "category": "mobile"